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Extend your Salesforce team.

Multi-certified Salesforce experts based locally, or offshore in our Pune offices.
Providing you with staff augmentation solutions you can trust.

Recruiting new Salesforce certified employees is not cheap – and it’s not fast, either.

Our staff augmentation solutions help businesses reduce these upfront recruitment costs and shorten the time to fill talent gaps. Depending on your needs, you can utilise our staff augmentation services to fill a single gap on your project, or to build up a full dedicated team.

You get to choose the experts that best meet your needs, criteria, and timeframe. And you still get to manage them with the methods your business prefers.

We draw on our 6-year partnership with one of the leading global providers of Salesforce certified resource to help you find the experts you need locally from offices across Europe, North America and Asia, or provide offshore, managed personal from our Pune offices.

Highly-skilled staff augmentation can be used to address skills shortages or fill business-critical positions, fast. By hiring experts in specific areas, you can free up your own employees to focus on other tasks.

I strongly believe the business of a business is to improve the world.

Marc Benioff

Salesforce experts you can trust

All of our experts are multi-certified by Salesforce.

We’re a Salesforce Consulting and ISV Partner with a team of experts holding multiple certifications across the core Salesforce Clouds and related products.

Our Salesforce experts bring deep technical expertise and knowledge of industry best practices to help your organisation get the most from Salesforce.

Salesforce™ experts across multi-clouds and industries

We work with forward-thinking Salesforce™ partners and clients, providing experts in various roles to help transform customer and user experiences

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrators work with stakeholders to define requirements, customize the platform, and enable users to get the most out of Salesforce.

Salesforce Architect

Salesforce Architects are big-picture thinkers and in-depth problem solvers. They design systems for the long-term that stand up to high volumes and won’t fail at critical points.

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developers will use their programmatic and declarative skills to extend and customize applications on the Lightning platform.

Salesforce Marketer

Salesforce Marketers create targeted marketing campaigns to connect with customers and deliver effective 1:1 customer journeys.

Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Consultants work with stakeholders to define requirements, customize the platform, and enable users to get the most out of Salesforce.

Salesforce Designer

Salesforce Designers solve complex problems and design ethical, equitable and sustainable solutions on the Salesforce Platform that serve both businesses and communities.



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